Pre-departure Handbook


I. Preparation
International students must apply to the Chinese Embassy for Visa X.
The applicants presented to the embassy should include the following materials:
a. Admission Notice issued by SAU;
b. Visa Application for Foreigners to study in China (Form JW202);
c. Physical Examination Record for Foreigners and and your blood test report.
d. Other documents if necessary.

Items for registration
Make sure to take all the original documents of the following items:
a. Admission notice
b. JW 202 form
c. Valid passport
d. Original graduation certificate and academic transcripts

What to pack
a. Clothing
Winter and summer clothes are both necessary. In winter the temperature is between minus 10 degree to minus 20 degree. In summer the temperature is between 20 degree to 30 degree.
b. Electrical equipment
Electricity supply system in China is 220V. The plug and the socket may be incompatible so please check before departure. Multi-function power cords, transformers can solve the problem and you can prepare in advance.

Inform arrival information
Students should inform admission office the arrival details including flight number, date and time of arrival at Shenyang two days before departure.

How much money to bring
a. Cost of living
It would cost 1000 to 1500 CNY per month for living in China, including food, telephone bill, transportation etc.
Currency exchange service is available at Shenyang airport and the banks near SAU. At the first few days about 3000 CNY is necessary for daily use.



II. Direction to arrival at SAU
Option I: Shenyang airport pick-up service  
SAU provides free airport pick up service one week ahead of class begin (Please contact the admission office to confirm the pick-up date). Other time airport pick-up service charges 300 CNY (around 50 USD).

Option II: Take taxi (around 150 CNY)
You can show the below words to the taxi driver if you find difficulty in communication. Please find a tidy-look taxi with a taximeter and an electronic screen on the inside back at Shenyang Taoxian International Airport.
“您好, 出租车司机师傅! 请帮忙把这位国际学生送到沈阳航空航天大学 留学生公寓(International Students Apartment),谢谢!
地址:沈阳市沈北新区道义南大街37号 ”
Address: No.37 Daoyi South Avenue, Shenbei New Area, Shenyang
(And please remember to ask for the receipt (发票) of the Taxi payment)

After your arrival to SAU, please register at the reception of the International Students Apartment and go to the Admission Office (Room 102, Friendship Villa) for further registration.
Tel: +86-24-89724578\ +86-24-89724298\ +86-24-88929603
Office working hours: Monday to Friday, 8:30-11:30; 13:30-16:00
1. For flight information:
 Taoxian Airport:
 Air China:
2. For taxi information
 a. Shenyang Taoxian Airport provides taxi stops at the exit of the terminal.
 b. Don’t forget your belongings when getting off.  
 c. Taxi fare from Shenyang Taoxian International Airport to Shenyang Aerospace University is around 150 CNY.
3. If you need airport pick-up service from SAU, please contact the admission office and send flight details two days before your arrival.


III. Enrollment procedure for new students
Step I: Apartment registration
There are three apartment building for international students. You can choose different type of dormitory and check-in.
It is compulsory for international students to live on campus.

Step II: Students registration (Admission Office and Student Administration Office)
1. Get a Chinese name at the Admission Office (Room 102, Friendship Villa) and collect the JW202 form (yellow page).
2. Register at the Students Administration Office (Room 101, Friendship Villa)
Documents needed are:
a. 2 copies of front page of the passport and 1 copy of the visa page
b. Admission Notice
c. JW202 Form yellow page. Transfer letter is required for transfer student.

Step III: Class registration
•For Majors study students (Teaching Office)
1. Buy books and get the timetable.
2. For transfer students, please submit your transcript.
•For Chinese Language students (Chinese Language Research Office)
1. Buy books and get the timetable.
2. Apply for a language level test.

Step IV: Fee payment
Students must pay for 1-year tuition, accommodation and insurance payment. All payments must be done through Chinese bank card within 2 weeks since arrival.

Step V: Medical check-up and visa application
Documents needed:
1. Passport
2. 1 copy of Admission Letter
3. 2 copes of the front page and the visa page of your passport
4. 4 passport size photos
a. A night before the scheduled medical check-up, students should not eat and drink after 10:00 pm until the check-up finishes.
b. X1 visa will expire 30 days after upon arrival in China. Students must apply for new visa after a completion of all the payments.