Fee Structure





Doctor's Degree

26,000 CNY/Year

in the English medium

Master's Degree

20,000 CNY/Year

in the English medium

Bachelor's Degree

18,000 CNY/Year

in the English medium

Chinese Language

12,000 CNY/Year


Foundation Program

14,000 CNY/Year

in the English medium


Private Room

1200 CNY/Month

Friendship Villa


Single Room

850 CNY/Month

Friendship Villa

Twin Room

600 CNY/Month

Friendship Villa

Residence Permit

One Year

840 CNY


Less than one year

440 CNY



700 CNY


Health Insurance

600 CNY/Year



2000 CNY/4 Years



500 CNY

including sheet, pillow and quilt

Internet Service

480 CNY/Year


Physical Test

700 CNY



100 units free per month

students should meet the excess cost


Note: The exchange rate is subject to the day you make payment.


Conditions of Payment
1.SAU prospective students could choose to pay fee before he or she comes here or at least pay complete fee within 15 days after his or her arrival. Any failure of payment will result in visa problem.
 2. Please be noted that payment cannot be made in installments. Degree program student and one-year language program student shall pay one-year fee at once.
3. Please make sure that international transaction could be successful only if all information is right.

Account Name: Shenyang Aerospace University
Opening Bank:Bank of China, Shenyang, Shenbei Sub-Branch
Swift Code: BKCHCNBJ82A or BKCHCNBJ810
CNY Account Number only:3181 4500 0029

US Dollar Account Number only: 3077 8188 1004
Euro Account Number only:3077 8188 1253