Preview on International Education College Cultural Practice Month

Hits:    Time:2023-04-27

IEC plans to launch a month of cultural practice activity, "The most beautiful May in Shenyang, cherish the beautiful spring." Hoping to lead international students to experience the charm of this historical city, enhance their perception and understanding of Chinese traditional culture, and keep their best memories together on this "Spring Date" in May.

This May, international students can learn the process of making kites and fly them in the spring breeze; go to Beiling Park to enjoy the flowers in spring and experience the Chinese gardens with mountains, water, buildings and woods; participate in the shadow play to let them understand and feel the magic of folk art intuitively; also can participate in the thematic calligraphy salon to cultivate their morale and improve their artistic taste, and experience the ancient Chinese unique "leisure" and "self-gratification."

The cultural practice activities look forward to your participation!

Time: May 1st-30th, 2023.


1. Kite Making

2. A tour of Beiling Park

3. Shadow puppet making and playing

4. Calligraphy Salon

5. Calligraphy, painting and photography exhibition

Requirements for calligraphy and photography works:

1. Theme: The View in My Eyes

2. For painting and calligraphy works: any genre, 2 works at most.

3. For photographic works: Black and white and colored are both fine, the electronic file should be less than 3MB, 2 photos at most, a brief title or text description is required, other talents can also be displayed, such as paper cutting, etc.

Please send your work from May 1st to May 20th.