Further notice on coming to school

Hits:    Time:2022-12-29

Dear everyone,

According to the latest information from the Chinese Government, the following instructions will be carried out from January 8th, 2023.

1.Everyone coming to China should take covid-19 test 48 hours before their departure. Those with negative test results may come to China.

2. Covid-19 test will no longer be carried out upon arrival in China, and those who successfully pass through customs inspection can normally enter the cities.

3. More airlines will be available to provide more convenience for all students to come to China.

From the above information, it is evident that entry into China will be very convenient for all international students. All SAU students outside China should therefore take note of the following:

1. Spring semester 2023 of SAU is resuming on 20th February. Freshmen will start their new class from 13th March. From the new semester, all students will only have the option of classroom teaching, and no online graduation project design, thesis guidance and defense will be provided.

2. All international students of SAU outside China are suggested to come to school to continue their study from the Spring semester 2023.

3. All students shall please make preparation for fees payment and classroom study, to avoid any disturbance for the study of the new semester.