Ten Don’ts for the International Students

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Dear all international students:
To improve the teaching quality and level of administration, thus
to guarantee the education standard of the international Students, Sau puts forward the following regulations, please Observe and follow them strictly from the date of issue, thanks.
Ten Don’ts for the International Students of SAU
1. Don’t break the laws and rules. Respect all the teachers and service staff.
2. Don’t be late or absent from the classes.
3. Don’t keep the visa/residence permit over due or turn in the fees late.
4. Don’t drive without a valid Chinese Driving License or fighting with others.
5. Don’t offend the time of entering and exiting the apartment (Main gates open from 6:00 to 23:00) or damage the public properties.
6. Don’t smoke or drink alcohol in the apartment.
7. Don’t make noise or play loud music or take visitors into the room.
8. Don’t draw, carve or stick wallpaper on the walls or throw rubbish randomly.
9. Don’t change and connect circuits or use induction cooker, hotplate, heating device, electric iron, electric kettle, electric blanket OR rice cooker in the room.
10. Don’t cook or raise pets in the room.
Any violation of the above mentioned items will lead to warning, serious warning, dismissal from the university, being jailed or being deported out of China.
Announced and carried out from 18 June, 2018.