Notice of parents to query your children’s academic results in SAU

Hits:    Time:2017-07-10


Dear parents,

    In order to understand your children's learning situation, so as to adjust the learning state, improve learning methods, SAU has subscribed the inquiry service for  parents to check academic results, the specific methods are as follows:

1. Log in SAU official website.


2. Log in Teaching Management System


3. Result inquiry




1. Please you can only access this service within two weeks starting from the day the school officially closed.

2. When you want to check your child's results, please confirm your login password with your child first. If you can’t log in properly, it may be that your child has modified the password. You can fill in the application form in attachment 1 and send this form to the official email email is for inquiries only and will not be accepted by other business) , we will change the login password to your child's student ID within 48 hours.