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During the 1st or 2nd week of May 2016, there will be a Sports Meet held by the university. Interested students may register their name at the Student Administration Office 202 and also may contact Kamima (head of sports) 13147810991. Preliminaries will be held. Students interested to join the parade, wearing university uniform or cultural dress, can also register their names. The winners will be awarded with cash prizes and points will be added during scholarship evaluation. The prize categories are listed below:

The list of games for male and female athletes is mentioned below:

·         100 m race

·         200 m race

·         400 m race

·         800 m race

·         1500 m race

·         3000 m race (only female)

·         5000 m race (only male)

·         4 x 100 m relay race

·         4 x 400 m relay race

·         1124 m mixed relay race

·         400 m cooperate race

·         4 x 100 m load relay race

·         Shot put

·         Discus

·         Javelin

·         High jump

·         Long jump

·         Triple jump

·         Crunches (only female)

·         Pull-up (only male)

·         Skipping

·         Still jump

·         Swimming



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