Notice on Internship Requirements

Hits:    Time:2018-08-13

The students who apply for participating in the internship of Shenyang Machine Tool Group Co., Ltd must meet the following requirements.


1. Excellent in character and learning.

2. In formal dress, civilized and polite during the process of internship.

3. Enter the factory on time and leave the factory on time. Don't be late or leave early. Just move around in the designated work place in the factory area.

4. Can not ask for compensation from the Shenyang machine tool privately.

5. Cherish the opportunity of practice, work hard in the process of practice, learn more and practice more, lay a good foundation for future employment.

6. Students participating in the internship will start and return in an organized team every day. They will enter the factory at the gate of Shenyang Machine Tool Group together and will not be allowed to enter the factory without the team members.

7. The trainees are responsible for transportation and catering expenses.



All students of Shenyang Aerospace University who practice in Shenyang Machine Tool Group Co., Ltd. will strictly abide by the rules and regulations of the internship unit. If they violate the rules and regulations or affect the normal work of the internship unit, Shenyang Machine Tool Group Co., Ltd. will cancel the student's internship qualification.