Papua New Guinea Alumni Comes Back Home

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Shenyang Aerospace University (SAU) has cultivated a large number of outstanding international students over the years. The graduates work in various places in the world, making a lot of contributions to the local area. Paine Porusa Diandra from Papua New Guinea is SAU alumni. After graduation, she went back to Papua New Guinea contributing to the development. Recently, she returned to SAU and share her experience of studying and living in SAU, . Her story is showing on the local papers.


Below, let have a look at her story.


Firstly, I would like to extend my thanks and gratitude to The Chinese Embassy in Papua New Guinea and the University I once attended - Shenyang Aerospace University (International Education College) for

this wonderful opportunity to revisit a place I called home for 4 years. A place where I fulfilled my childhood dream of becoming an Aeronautical Engineer. A place I hold dear to my heart. I first entered China (Beijing) in September of 2016 at the age of 18 when I was accepted to do my Bachelors in Aeronautical Engineering (Aircraft Manufacturing) at Shenyang Aerospace University (under Education Pacific Agency), located in the Northeastern part of China, Liaoning Province. Being the first and only Papua New Guinean Female to take this course at that time, I had no idea these 4 years (2016-2020) would have a huge impact on my life and decisions. I made friends with individuals from different parts of the world who ended up becoming family to me, especially during lockdown when Covid19 hit the world by storm. I learned so much from the Chinese people and their way of life which I’ve taken on with me. I’ve made loving memories that would last a lifetime no matter where life takes me and most importantly, I’ve grown to respect and admire the Chinese culture and traditions.

Picture taken in November 2016 at 18 years old, few weeks after arriving in SAU. This was taken near the school lake during winter. My first time to experience snow.


Picture taken at the Great Wall of China in Beijing on my 1st day in China in September of 2016. I arrived in China at 2am and visited the Great Wall in the afternoon- organized by EPA Director.


My 1st day on Campus after 3 years under the Revisit China Program organized by The Chinese Embassy in PNG (01 November, 2023). This was taken right in front of the Friendship Villa Dormitory at SAU where I was staying


My destination for this Revisit Program was Shenyang Aerospace University, my home for 4 years (2016-2020). This Revisit Program begun on the 31st of October, 2023 which was when I departed Papua New Guinea for China via Manila. It was an amazing experience and a worthwhile and successful trip which I thoroughly enjoyed.

While waiting for my flight to Manila at Jacksons International Airport, Port Moresby



I arrived in Shenyang on the 01st of November, 2023 at around 1pm CST. Shenyang Aerospace University had organized for a driver to pick me up at the Shenyang International Airport once I arrived (as they always do for new students arriving). It was also welcoming and lovely to have a senior student who mentored me during my studies at SAU accompany the driver to the Airport- seeing a familiar face after

3 years made me feel at home immediately. My luggage was carried through to the car and we were on

our way to the Campus. The ride lasted for almost an hour, and the entire ride to Campus was nostalgic as memories emerged of my past days there. When we arrived on Campus, I was greeted by the Dean of the International Education College, Pearl Laoshi whom I had the pleasure of knowing when I was a student at SAU. Her warm greetings, smile and hug made me feel at home. She was so happy to have me back on Campus, even if it was for a short period of time. She offered help whenever I needed help and made sure my entire stay was enjoyable and fun, which it was. Charles Laoshi (Deputy Dean) and Jeremiah Laoshi (current PhD student in Aeronautics/Teacher) were also very helpful and made sure my stay at SAU ran smoothly.

The lovely driver organized by SAU awaiting my arrival with my name at Shenyang International Airport


Pearl Laoshi-Dean of the International Students  at Shenyang Aerospace University greeting me on my arrival back to Campus



Once a dormitory room was given to me, I unpacked, rested and then decided to head out to the shops with a friend to purchase a sim card for convenient communication during my 2 weeks stay. The next day, my Visit Program was given so I was able to attend certain classes for the duration of my stay. These classes included Comprehensive Chinese, Chinese Listening, Chinese Calligraphy & Painting, Spoken Chinese, Chinese Tea Culture Show, and Chinese Poem- all classes taught by Shenyang Aerospace University under their Chinese Language Major. This was a good time to practice my Chinese as well as interact with fellow other foreign students who were part of these classes.

Patiently waiting for my Sim Card to be registered and given to me


My dormitory room which I shared with 2 lovely Moroccan and Bangladesh girls


Me and another foreign student in Comprehensive Chinese Class


My beginning and final work in Chinese Painting Class – I really enjoyed expressing myself through Art



Chinese Calligraphy Class was also enjoyable. It had been a while since I  practiced  writing my Chinese characters


Me, my classmates and our teachers after we ended classes for Chinese Speaking


Attending Chinese Poem class which was very interesting. Reading a Poem had to come with expressions too


I was invited to attend the Chinese Tea Culture Show demonstrated by one of the lovely Teachers. As a Tea Lover, I enjoyed this. Now, I can make my Tea at home using these techniques I learned




Shenyang is famous for its historic sites, and one particular historic site I visited during my stay in Shenyang was Beiling Park. Located in the north of Shenyang City and 6 stops away from Shenyang Aerospace University on the subway, Beiling Park was originally a royal mausoleum. The Zhaoling Tomb which is a World Cultural Heritage Site is also situated in the Park. This was an amazing opportunity to learn more about Chinese history through the preservation of such sites. Though it has been expanded and improved several times, the structure, feeling and environment gave off ancient China- something I always wanted to experience as I grew up watching so many Chinese KungFu Movies. There are more than 2,000 ancient pines as old as nearly 400 years, making the area one of the major existing ancient pine populations in China. The most interesting part about this visit for me would be visiting the Treasure City/Underground Palace, due to the fact that there were hidden treasures thought to be buried with the deceased. Also, being able to witness beautiful native Chinese Women sway to the beat of their music in bright, gorgeous traditional dresses just outside the Zhaoling Tomb entrance. Coming from a culturally diverse nation myself, I deeply admired their love and enthusiasm for something as simple as showcasing their culture through rhythm and dance. My 2 Papua New Guinean friends who accompanied me to the Park and I were also invited for a little dance with the kind native women. We enjoyed dancing ourselves away.


I took the Subway to get to Beiling Park. In order use the subway, you need to purchase a ticket which looks something like this. It costs 3 Yuan/RMB from Shenyang Aerospace University to Beiling Park which is approximately 1.50 PNG Kina


After arriving at Seiling Park,I couldn't resist but take pictures of the beautiful Autumn Leaves just outside the Subway station- something I don't experience in PNG


In front of Beiling Park after purchasing my ticket to enter


Being invited to dance alongside native Chinese woman who swayed elegantly to the rhythm of their music


In front of one of the many entrances that take you to the Treasure City/Underground Palace


After a tour of the entire Zhaoling Tomb


I grew up with a strong passion for Aviation, especially the Air Force, hence why I decided to study Aeronautical Engineering. A childhood dream I fulfilled in China at Shenyang Aerospace University. This is why I was so intrigued and beyond excited to revisit the Shenyang Aircraft Aviation Expo Park as part of my Revisit Program. Many of China’s Military Aircrafts are designed and built in Shenyang and Shenyang Aerospace University (SAU) is known for its high level of defense research and close relationship to China’s Military Aviation Industry, making SAU the perfect place for a female like me to pursue her dream. Two years ago, I was blessed to have worked with a Company here in Papua New Guinea that operated the Russian Mi8s, most likely the biggest Helicopters in Papua New Guinea right now. Fast forward 2 years later and to my surprise, I would end up seeing one of the Russian Mi8s earliest Military Model on display at the Shenyang Aircraft Aviation Expo Park here in Shenyang Aerospace University. The variety of Aircrafts displayed here are quite interesting.

A before and current picture of me (5 years apart) in front of the famous Shenyang J-811 Fighter Jet built by AVIC and displayed at the Shenyang Aerospace University Campus




Exploring the Aircraft Expo Park – CJ-6 Aircraft, developed by China and has long served the Air Force and local Aviation Schools


A before and current picture of me (7 years apart) with the famous rocket that sits right outside the Aeronautical and Astronautical Department. First picture taken in September of 2016, and second picture taken in November of 2023



Picture of me with one of Heli Niugini’s Russian Mi8s in 2021 in Madang, Papua New Guinea. The first company I worked with after graduating from SAU



Picture of me and one of the earliest Military Model of the Russian MiSs at the Shenyang Aircraft Aviation Expo Park in November,2023





It was such an honor and a privilege as well to be invited by my former lecturers to give a speech to the Freshman’s about my 4-Year Journey (2016 -2020) at Shenyang Aerospace University, my current work life, my future aspirations and offer some advice. Seeing all these fresh international faces from different parts of the world begin their studies at SAU reminded me of when I first entered China at just

18 years of age to pursue my dream. Being the first and only Papua New Guinean girl in my class at that

time, I had to get used to a lot of things and find my way around. However, choosing Shenyang Aerospace University in China to pursue my Bachelor Degree in Aeronautical Engineering has to be one of my best decisions. Studying is China has taught me a lot, but most importantly- I’ve learned the importance of hard work from the Chinese people. They exemplify hard work. This is something I’ve taken on with me after I graduated and left China in August of 2020. Things don’t just come easily; you have to work hard for it. But, the benefits of hard work are so rewarding and without regrets. You can never go wrong when you put in Hard Work to achieve what you really want, whether in your

academics, business or career. Learn to work hard and you will experience the fruits of your labor in due



Giving a speech to the Freshman students at Shenyang Aerospace University


Answering questions from the students after my speech



I couldn’t leave Shenyang without catching up with old friends from University. Studying and living so far from home isn’t easy at times, however, the teachers at Shenyang Aerospace University (IEC) help to make it homely and so do good friends who turn into family. I’ve met people from different walks of life and different ethnicities during my stay in China- whether it was at University, Sporting Events, Cultural Shows, Modelling Events, travelling around China or just randomly meeting them, we all had one thing

in common, and that was we had left our home countries and families to experience life in China through education or work. Such friendships have turned into a lifelong bond. Thank you Shenyang for the lovely memories and friendships I’ve created.

Catching up with good friends




On the 13th of November 2023, I departed Shenyang for Port Moresby via Manila. Again, I remain grateful to Shenyang Aerospace University for making sure I enjoyed my stay. It was so sad to leave a place I call home. A place that has given me so much memories, a place that has played a huge part in

my educational journey. A place that has changed my mindset and attitude for the better. A place where I made wonderful friendships that will last a lifetime. Though I left after a short while, Shenyang- China will always be home to me and I look forward to visiting again in the future. I would also like to thank everyone who made this trip possible and enjoyable, and I would definitely encourage more young, aspiring Papua New Guineans to study in China and Shenyang Aerospace University. You won’t regret

the experience!

Departing Shenyang Aerospace University for Shenyang International Airport after my 2 weeks stay at

Shenyang Aerospace University