SERIES OF ACTIVITIES OF THE 5th SAU INNOVATION & ENTREPRENEURSHIP FESTIVAL③ IEC Gears Up for the Innovation & Entrepreneurship Competition with Insights from Business Plans

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In a bid to empower and guide aspiring entrepreneurs, IEC organized an exclusive online lecture featuring crafting business plans on November 13, 2023. The event aimed to prepare students who are set to present their innovative business ideas at the upcoming International Students Internet+ Innovation & Entrepreneurship Competition.


Mr. Yuan Kangxian, currently serves as the Regional Project Director at China Energy Conservation and Wind Power Co., Ltd, shared his wealth of knowledge and experience in entrepreneurship and business development from Beijing, providing invaluable insights on crafting effective business plans. The lecture delved into the intricacies of writing a compelling business proposal, emphasizing the importance of clarity, feasibility and innovation.


The focal point of the lecture was to equip students with the skills necessary to articulate and defend their business ideas convincingly in the final round of International Students Internet+ Innovation & Entrepreneurship Competition. Mr. Yuan provided strategic advice on how to effectively communicate their vision, address potential challenges, and showcase the viability of their projects to a panel of judges.


Beyond the presentation skills, Mr. Yuan also shared his expertise on attracting and convincing potential investors. His guidance covered the essential aspects, including market analysis, financial planning, and establishing a persuasive narrative that resonates with investors. The session offered a comprehensive view of the entrepreneurial landscape, preparing students for the dynamic challenges of securing financial support for their ventures.


The initiative was met with enthusiasm from the student body, who appreciated the IEC's commitment to providing them with real-world insights from an industry elite. As International Students Internet+ Innovation & Entrepreneurship Competition approaches, students now feel better equipped to navigate the competitive landscape and armed with knowledge that goes beyond the classroom.


IEC continues to foster a culture of innovation and entrepreneurship, ensuring that students are not only well-educated academically but also have prepared for the practical challenges of turning their innovative ideas into successful businesses. The online lecture from Mr. Yuan stands as a testament to IEC's dedication to nurturing the next generation of business leaders and visionaries.