IEC Celebrates Lunar New Year with Dumpling Day

Hits:    Time:2024-02-04

Throughout the year, dumplings are a common food to be seen and enjoyed. However, what makes eating dumplings during the Spring Festival special?


In China, the festival signifies the start of the lunar year and the blossoming of new life. Families reunite to reflect on the past year and share a meal which includes dumplings as a symbol of coming together.



Some believe that the Chinese word for dumplings means ‘to come together,’ emphasizing the reunion of family members. The prevalent explanation is that dumplings symbolize good luck, capturing the essence of friendship and family gathering to wish each other well in the coming year.


On January 31, 2024, IEC organized ‘Traditional Dumpling Making Day’ at Friendship Villa, where Ms Pearl Liu, the Dean of IEC, Ms Cathy Chang, Deputy Dean of IEC, tutors, and international students all gathered to make dumplings. The event served as a reminder that SAU-IEC is a big family, providing an excellent way for students and staff to express well wishes for the upcoming year – the year of the Dragon - by preparing and enjoying dumplings together.