Graduates experience sharing, appreciation & wishes (Phase III)

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Gradually, we graduated!

Summer of 2022, youth never ends.

All that work is finally going to pay off! You did it!

I hope you are as proud as I am. Congratulations!

There is a good reason they call these ceremonies "commencement exercises". Graduation is not the end, it's the beginning.

Below, are the experiences shared from our excellent graduates, MD Habibur Rahman, MD Sajib Sarkar and Moses Mueke Wambua.

My name is MD Sajib Sarkar, Bangladeshi. I applied to Shenyang Aerospace University with a lot of fresh hope in 2018 for bachelor of engineering in “Aeronautical Engineering (Aircraft Manufacturing)”. The self-funded bachelor journey was not easy for me at all. However, my academic journey at SAU was really interesting, productive and skillful. I got enough experience at theoretical and practical classes. I’d like to share some of my experience in learning. Please pay attention In class, it’s important to concentrate and avoid distractions when the teacher is speaking. Listen carefully to what the teacher said. This will help in making sure you hear what is being taught in class.

Now I got the chance to study Master’s degree with Chinese government scholarship. Thousands of thanks to Shenyang Aerospace University teachers who taught me academic and real-life knowledge. Which will work in my future life undoubtedly.

I am MD Habibur Rahman, Bangladeshi. For hundreds of years, the university has been a place of learning, producing great people such as Socrates and Plato. My university life started in Shenyang Aerospace University. I have completed my graduation in Aeronautical Engineering (Aircraft Manufacturing) from Shenyang Aerospace University. I have learned so many new things from the university. All the teachers of SAU are so much helpful. I’d like to share some of my experience in how to write a paper. For the part of outline, review information and organize is so important. Review the information that you found and decide the main point you want to convey or prove in your paper. Develop a list of main points you hope to get across. Find evidence such as facts, quotes, details, or expert opinions to support your main points. Organize your points into a structure that makes sense.

Now, I am studying Master’s degree in Mechanical Engineering with full Chinese government scholarship in Shenyang Aerospace University. I thank Shenyang Aerospace University and all of my teachers. In conclusion, all I can say is studying in SAU was a life changing decision for me. I will try to utilize all my gained knowledge for the development and betterment of my country.

I am Moses Mueke Wambua, Kenyan, an Alumni of SAU, having finished my bachelor degree in Aeronautical Engineering (Aircraft Manufacturing), and now enrolled for Masters with Chinese Government Scholarship in the same field. SAU has been a resourceful center of academia to the building of my career. The time I've spent at SAU, date back to the time I enrolled as an Undergraduate to now being given a chance to pursue my studies under the Graduate program, I have witnessed much growth in me. The teaching and non-teaching staff, were able to provide me with the care and support all throughout and I thank them for their kind hearts. Above all else, the enthusiasm and knowledge of pursuing Aeronautics Degree in SAU has been one of a kind with various areas of teaching encompassed within the studies.

My future with the help of SAU seems promising and I look forward to growing to become a Resourceful Engineer back to my country, Kenya. May the Dream of Being an Outstanding International Education Center of SAU continue to soar higher in the many years to come as a center powered by intellect and driven by values.