Electricity safety in students’ rooms

Hits:    Time:2022-11-22

In daily life, every university student uses different type of electronic devices for the purpose of study, work and play. There is a risk of electrical hazards when these useful gadgets are used improperly. The following tips can help you prevent electric accidents and fires.

* Extension cords are only for temporary use. If you must use extension cords, use them temporarily and unplug them when not in use.

* Avoid overloading sockets and extension cords.

* Never tack or nail an electrical cord to any surface or under rugs or furniture.

* Keep all electrical appliances and cords safely away from bedding, curtains, and other flammable material.

* Discard or repair damaged electronics immediately. Damaged electronics should not be used, since they can shock or electrocute students.

* If your lights flicker, electronics shut off, or circuits trip——notify campus staff immediately.

* Watch out for overheated outlets. If an electrical outlet becomes so hot, there is potential for a fire.  Unplug everything from the outlet and notify the dorm officials immediately.

For safety precautions, each college student should also know what to do if there is a fire, including emergency exits and escape plans.