Chinese Language and Culture Association held international students recruitment activity

Hits:    Time:2022-11-15

The annual recruitment of the Chinese Language and Culture Association (the association) for international students has finally come to a successful end, and in this exciting and exhilarating process, the recruitment of the Association has achieved unprecedented success. The event was held in front of the Blue Sky Theater on November 5th, to provide a platform for students of Grade 2022 to show their strength and fully show their advantages, and also recruit new students for the subsequent traditional culture related activities.

The event was planned thoroughly, and we tried our best to implement every detail to give full play to the creativity of the association. Students who passed by stopped and participated the various activities. Chinese students look forward to the join the International Students Chinese Cultural Association.

The Association is an important part of the prosperity of campus culture. The event aims to provide a stage for all students to show their advantages and help students to further understand the Association culture.