Hello, Winter ! Bye, Autumn !

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Time is easy and unconstrained

Suddenly it is the beginning of winter

On November 7th, at 18:45:18

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The first solar term of winter-the beginning of winter

It is the first solar term of winter

Spring ploughing and summer cultivating, autumn harvest and winter storage

Winter is the season to enjoy a good harvest and to recuperate

As the temperature slowly decreases

The water gradually freezing in some places

The beginning of winter is the time of harvest sacrifice and the feast of the harvest

The autumn is gone, and now the winter begins.

We can start looking forward

In the mild soft winter sun

When the thin sunlight falls on the face

See the mountains red all over, the layers of the forest dyed

The river is full of green water, and a hundred boats compete with each other

The beginning of winter has come, and the end of the year is cold

Heaven and earth begin to hide, winter rhyme begins to show

When autumn and winter comes, there is a new treasure in store

Alternate years

Time gives more meaning to the scenery

The nice, warm

Days and nights worth cherishing