Aerospace Faculty calls for your application

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01 Introduction to Aerospace Faculty

Aerospace Faculty was established in 1952; the faculty is working on the development of foreign students education at undergraduate and postgraduate levels with US, Russia, and other countries and regions. Currently it has more than 400 international students in our college on campus. The faculty has a national level practical teaching demonstration center- “Aerospace Engineering” experimental center, aerospace technology exhibition, and material mechanics, which are provincial excellent courses in Liaoning Province. The faculty is the first-class doctoral construction unit of Aerospace Science and Technology and grants two master degree programs in two first-class disciplines of Aerospace Science and Technology and Mechanics, six master’s degrees in secondary disciplines along with the right to grant master’s degrees in engineering in the field of aviation engineering. The faculty has been working with Liaoning General Aviation Academy and Local Joint Engineering Research Center for New Energy General Aircraft Technology) in personnel training and scientific research, and has built national off-campus practical education bases for students in Shenyang Aircraft Manufacturing Company, Shenyang Aircraft Design Research Institute and other organizations.

02 Introduction to the Majors


Aeronautical Engineering (Undergraduate Program)

Aeronautical Engineering (Graduate Program)

Aerospace Science and Technology (Doctor Program)

Teaching Language: in English Medium


18,000 CNY/YEAR (Undergraduate Program)

20,000 CNY/YEAR (Graduate Program)

26,000 CNY/YEAR (Doctor Program)

Main courses: Aeronautical Material; Material Mechanics; Aerospace Propulsion; Advanced Composite Material; Theory of Plasticity; Engine Disassembly; Fundamental of Aircraft Manufacturing; Aerodynamics; Sheet Metal Fabrication; Aircraft Structure; Aircraft Assembly; Aircraft Design.

03 Teaching Resources  

The faculty currently has 90 faculty members, including 21 professors and 34 associate professors while 56 with doctor degree, among which are 7 doctoral tutors and 35 master tutors.

04 The Future of Graduates

After graduation, students can work as the designer, technical engineer or manager in the aeronautical-related fields of enterprises and public institutions.

05 Qualifications for Admission

(1) Undergraduate Program: Under the age of 24, senior high school graduation or with equivalent qualification of 12-year education background. Mathematics, physics and chemistry with 60% of total marks results are necessary for engineering degree courses.

(2) Postgraduate Program: Under the age of 28, a bachelor degree or equivalent qualification in engineering discipline.

(3) Doctoral Program: Under the age of 40, a master degree or equivalent qualification with the degree belongs to the same discipline of the chosen doctoral degree program.

06 How to Apply

(1) Online application:

(2) After receiving admission notice, students need prepare one year or one semester tuition fee and send to university account to keep the seat and register.

(3) An introduction to online admission and courses registration will be provided before online courses start.

(4) JW202 will be sent to students for applying visa as soon as international travel is possible.

07 Contact Us

Ms Maggie, Head of Admission and Career Planning Office

Address: No. 37 Daoyi South Avenue, ShenBei New Area, Shenyang, China 110136

Tel: [+86]24-89724298