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01 About the College

College of Mechanical & Electrical Engineering has a long history, strong strength and outstanding discipline characteristics. It has cultivated a large number of professional and technical personnel for the national aviation industry and made important contributions to the development of national defense engineering. The major of mechanical engineering was founded in 1952 and is one of the earliest majors in SAU.

The college currently has 11 provincial and ministerial research and development platforms, of which the " Aviation Digital Manufacturing Technology" National Defense Key Laboratory is one of the 34 national defense key laboratories.

The college has a well-structured teaching team, active academic thinking and high comprehensive quality, with 86 faculty members, among which are 46 doctor’s degree and 19 master's degree holders. It has formed obvious characteristics and advantages in discipline construction and personnel training, developed a scientific research system that organically combines applied pre-research with engineering application and industrial development, and trained a large number of compound senior talents who are dedicated and innovative, which have been fully recognized by the society.

02 Introduction to the Majors


Mechanical Engineering (Undergraduate, postgraduate and doctor programs)

Teaching Language:

in English Medium


18,000 CNY/YEAR (Undergraduate Program)

20,000 CNY/YEAR (Graduate Program)

26,000 CNY/YEAR (Doctor Program)

03 Qualifications for Admission

(1) Undergraduate Program: Under the age of 24, senior high school graduation or with equivalent qualification of 12-year education background. Mathematics, physics and chemistry with 60% of total marks results are necessary for engineering degree courses.

(2) Postgraduate Program: Under the age of 28, a bachelor degree or equivalent qualification in engineering discipline.

(3) Doctoral Program: Under the age of 40, a master degree or equivalent qualification with the degree belongs to the same discipline of the chosen doctoral degree program.

04 How to Apply

(1) Online application:

(2) After receiving admission notice, students need prepare one year or one semester tuition fee and send to university account to keep the seat and register.

(3) An introduction to online admission and courses registration will be provided before online courses start.

(4) JW202 will be sent to students for applying visa as soon as international travel is possible.

05 Contact Us

Ms Maggie, Head of Admission and Career Planning Office

Address: No. 37 Daoyi South Avenue, ShenBei New Area, Shenyang, China 110136

Tel: [+86]24-89724298