2021 International Student Assembly Leadership Pre-Election

Hits:    Time:2021-03-26

On 25 March, 2021, IEC held an official live interview with the purpose of providing a fair audience to the various candidates wishing to join the International Student Assembly Leadership.

Starting the event, Mr. Michael Wang, Head of Student Administration Office warmly welcomed everyone present, and then proceeded to briefly introduce the International Students Assembly (ISA), its foundation, and significance for students university life and future. Some experience benefits gained were highlighted when working in the Student Assembly and important leadership ethics that are highly valued among ISA members.

Both off-campus and on-campus candidates presented themselves in front of a panel of judges and argued as to why they are the right candidates for their departments of choice.

After the interview session, the judges consisting of teachers and former ISA department heads exchanged their opinions about the various candidates qualities and selected the most qualitified and convincing candidates among all who applied.

International Education College is proud to annouce the new International Student Assembly Leaders