SAU holds 2021 spring semester teaching seminar for international education

Hits:    Time:2021-03-24

The first international education teaching seminar for the leadership and lecturers of SAU in this semester was held at the university administration building on March 24, 2021. In attendance was President Sun Xiaoping, the deans and lecturers of the various colleges as well as staff of the International Education College.
The opening address was given by Ms. Pearl Liu, Party Secretary of IEC. Her address was followed by a speech from Mr. Richard Chen, Dean of IEC, which touched on the progress made by IEC in recent times.

The representative leadership or professors of five colleges gave report on the state of the college affairs and emphasized the need for optimizing curriculum and innovating training methods for international students in order to guarantee quality of education.
Ms. Cui Nan, Deputy Dean of Postgraduate College gave suggestions on increasing the ratio of postgraduates. Mr. Lv Wei, Director of Quality Assessment Department stressed on the importance of international education teaching and evaluation. Mr. Sun Yanpeng, Director of Teaching Administration Department said that international education played a very important role in improving SAU teaching quality in all rounds.

The final speech to wrap up the seminar was given by President Sun Xiaoping. At the core of his speech, he said all colleges and departments shall expand the vision and develop new channels for admission. Secondly, SAU shall further improve the teaching quality and provide the lecturers teaching international students with the opportunities to exchange in collaborative universities or higher platform. President Sun also expressed that with our joint efforts SAU will train more excellent graduates who will contribute to the development of their home countries and China and establish the friendship between different countries.