SAU ranks No.4 among engineering universities in terms of international education

Hits:    Time:2020-12-24

According to the latest ranking list by Shanghai Ranking (a leading research institution in university performance standard and assessment), SAU ranks No. 4 among engineering universities and No. 28 among all universities in China in terms of international education.

The proportion of international students can reflect the international reputation of university personnel training and the ability to provide an international education environment, which is the basic index to measure the level of university internationalization development. Based on the latest student enrollment and international student data, the list reveals the international student ratio ranking to see which universities have the strongest ability to attract international students and which types of universities are preferred by international students in China.

Proportion of international students refers to the proportion of foreign students with academic qualifications in the total number of full-time students (undergraduates, master students, doctoral students and international students with academic qualifications) of the university.