Proposal to Welcome the Ministry of Education to Evaluate Quality of International Education at SAU  

Hits:    Time:2020-11-06

Dear students,

Our university will welcome experts from the Ministry of Education to evaluate and assess the work of our university from November 10 to November 13. At present, the teachers and students in the university are in the best state of mind and very enthusiastic about the assessment. As international students of SAU, we should accept the challenge and embrace this rare opportunity with open arms.

Here are a few key things to take note of:

Firstly, the assessment of international education is not only to evaluate the standard of education at IEC, but also an opportunity to improve the standard of education and further development of our university. Therefore all students have a responsibility to participate in the assessment and willingly contribute in whatever capacity they can.

Secondly, it is our hope that all students can fully understand the significance of this evaluation, and perhaps in so doing, gain some insight into the development history, professional construction and characteristic culture of the SAU and IEC. It is also our hope that all students can use this evaluation as an opportunity to fully show the good image of SAU students.

Furthermore, all students are expected to maintain discipline in the classroom. Students are expected to be in class at least 5 mins before lectures begins and must be equipped with all the necessary items required for the particular class. Students  should dedicate the entire lecture period to serious study and should desist from chatting or playing games on their smart devices. Let’s work together to create a good  study environment where all students are happy, diligent and eager to learn.

Finally, it is our hope that the students dress appropriately, use polite expressions,  keep the dormitory clean and hygienic, avoid the use of faulty electrical appliances, keep the teaching area quiet and tidy and desist from eating in the classroom. Also students are advised to desist from smoking in public places such as apartments, classrooms, restaurants and libraries. Student representatives should take the initiative to set good examples and actively encourage students to participate in extracurricular activities.

Let us take action, love SAU, be responsible, and set a good moral example for other students to emulate. Let’s start with ourselves, let’s start now, let’s start with small things. We must carry forward the international spirit of SAU, show the spirit of SAU, and contribute to the successful completion of the Ministry of Education assessment for international students.