Debate on "online learning VS classroom learning" held

Hits:    Time:2020-10-27

For the first time this year, a friendly debate was organized on the 26th of October in lecture building B105. The topic for the debate was "Online learning has proven to be better for students than in-person classroom learning". Since students have recently experienced both learning methods, it was aimed at uncovering the best and worst aspects of both learning methods to enable the audience to draw objective conclusions on which learning method is better for the present and the future.

The debate started at 2.00 pm with the moderator Mr. Phillip inviting the first speakers from both sides to make a case for their argument. It was followed by strong rebuttals and counter-arguments from speakers of both sides who tried to convince the audience to side with their views.

After a heated debate from the main speakers, the moderator opened the floor for the audience to ask both sides questions. It was a very educative and entertaining debate.

The debate ended at 5:00 pm with the audience voting in favor of In-person classroom learning at the same time recognizing the future potential of online learning in transforming the global education system.