Campaign for SAU International Student of the Year

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In order to commend international students who have overall outstanding performance and to set up models for all-round development of International students, IEC has decided to carry out a campaign for the first International Student of the Year award. The details are as follows:

1. Concerned Departments:

Student Administration Office, Teaching Administration Office, Chinese Language Teaching Office, Student Apartment Office and International Exchange Office.

2. Registration Time:

17th - 20th Oct. 2020.

3. Candidates

Undergraduate and postgraduate students.

4. Campaign duration

From 2018 Spring Semester to 2020 Fall Semester

5. Selection Criteria

The International Student of the year award is the highest annual award for International Students. IEC will carry out the campaign-related work in all openness and fairness.

6. Awards and Amount

1) There is no specific limit to the number of students selected to receive the International Student of the Year award. The evaluation committee shall determine the number according to the merits of the declared collectives or individuals. No more than 10 groups or individuals will be selected.

2) The International Students of the Year (collective) award is 3000 yuan; the Student of the Year (individual) award is 1000 yuan.

7. Requirements

The collective members/individuals must demonstrate good moral character and a willingness to help others.

1) Requirements for International Students of the Year Award (Collective)

The collective selection adopts "1+3" model, which is also "academic + scientific and technological innovation/social practice/international exchange".

(a) Academic: team members should have passed all their examinations, achieved more than one scholarship (including individual scholarships) and must have excellent Chinese proficiency along with having passed all the corresponding level of Chinese proficiency tests.

(b) Scientific and technological innovation: achieve awards in scientific and technological innovation competitions in and outside the university, or have unique inventions and innovative achievements in the field of innovation and entrepreneurship.

(c) Social practice: The team must be well established and should have a good reputation on and off-campus.

(d) International exchange: Must be committed to international cultural exchange, actively participate in international exchange activities and should have an extensive international reputation.

2) Requirements for International Student of the Year Award (individual)

The individual selection adopts the "1+5" model, which is Academic + Good Morals/ Intelligence/Physical Health/Creative/Hard-working.

(a) Academic performance: Excellent, must have achieved at least one Academic Scholarship or more (including individual scholarships), passed the corresponding level of the Chinese proficiency test.

(b) Morality: Consciously abide by Chinese laws and regulations, and must have outstanding moral achievements, must have helped in the fight against the pandemic, he/she must be willing to provide help to others, honest, trustworthy and pious.

(c) Intelligence: eager to learn scientific and cultural knowledge. Must have accomplishments in scientific research, published papers, patent applications and other areas. Achieved awards in science and technology innovation competitions in or outside the university, have unique inventions and innovative achievements in the field of innovation and entrepreneurship.

(d) Physical health: Actively participate in sports and exercise. He/she must have outstanding performance in all kinds of sports at all levels.

(e) Creative: Good at discovering, appreciating and creating beautiful things. He/she must have an outstanding performance in all kinds of cultural and art competitions at all levels.

(f) Hard-working: actively participate in beneficial, meaningful and creative work.

8. Campaign trial

1) Primary Recommendation

The primary selection is organized and implemented by the Student Administration Office, and the preliminary candidates are determined according to the procedures of individual and collective recommendation. All applications must be submitted to the student administration office before 12:00p.m. on October 19 – either via the designated email address or printed out and directly submitted to the Student Administration Office.

2) Selection by the evaluation committee

The evaluation committee shall be established and selected by each department of the college. Comprehensive assessment of the recommended students will be carried out, and the achievements and development of the students will be focused on

9. Commendation

The awardees will be recognized and awarded trophies at the "International Education Role Model" award ceremony.

10. Materials required

Students who are interested in participating in the campaign should provide the following materials:

1) Fill in the application form (both electronic and hard copy)

2) Two passport photos (electronic)

3) 300 to 1500 words describing yourself and achievements (with Microsoft Word, including nationality, major and achievements from 2018-2020)

4) Certificates and achievements (both electronic and hard copy)

Note: All hard copies should be submitted to the tutors and the electronic applications should be sent to the e-mail

11. Appendix

1. Application form for the first International Student of the Year, International Education College, Shenyang Aerospace University.

12. Registration From

Registration form (For Individual Applicants

Registration form (For Collective Applicants)