Cultural Fiesta VII Concluded Successfully

Hits:    Time:2020-09-27

On 26th September 2020, the 7th annual Cultural Fiesta was held. Cultural Diversity was displayed with different national cuisine and clothes. The stage with a different culture made the venue charming.
Students from different countries were tasting cuisine from different other country stalls. The stalls were looking like a piece of a country. Students from different countries decorated the stalls with complete representations of their cultures and traditions.
More than 15 countries participated and displayed their cuisine and cultures, each country was allocated a stall in which they were displaying unique culture and traditions. People exuded pride and confidence as they moved around in their cultural clothing. 

[ Part of Some Country Stalls ]

On the stage, each country entertained the crowd with their cultural introductions, the great stage performances was noticeable. The quality of the performances was exceptional; everyone was treated to great music, dance and so on.

[ Part of Country Performances ]

On a final note the event was great and all the countries available did a great job of representing their nations. The event’s main aim was to expose the students of our university to the diverse cultures present at the school.