Online Classes for International Students Are Coming

Hits:    Time:2020-09-11

From 21 September, 2020, online courses will start for all freshmen.  Around 100 new students from nearly 20 countries will have their subjects online including calculus, engineering drawing, management, introduction to aerospace, Chinese and foundation.

At present, due to the special situation, SAU provides online courese for all students who cannot come to classroom.

Online courses provide a way for students to meet their educational and specific learning goals despite impact of COVID-19. Each course enables students the flexibility to communicate with their lecturers by email, phone or online. Before on-site classroom teaching returns, online teaching is the best way for studying.

SAU is using tried and tested software applications to give online lessons to students. These software applications such as Dingding, Zoom, Superstar and Tencent Meeting are easily downloadable and do not require any special access or protocols to use them.

Applying for SAU, your new study life will start on time in September.