Introduction to CV Volunteers' Team

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CV Volunteer’s Team was founded in January 2020 at the beginning of the epidemic when COVID-19 placed an urgent task on the staff to do everything possible to keep the international students safe. Some international students came forward and voluntarily organized a team named 'CV Volunteers' to work for international students.

This Volunteers’ Team is comprised of International Students, Student Union leaders and our welfare team 'IEC Compassion Team'. The aim is to learn and promote the Chinese culture, fight the outbreak of COVID-19 with the cooperation of IEC Management and tutors, maintain the safety and stability of campus and give guidance to the international students on being envoys of friendship who know about China, be friendly to China and have love for China. They pay more attention to on-campus students’ health and safety. The major tasks of Daily Service for Life, Sport and Recreation, Emergency Medical Needs, Publicity and Education are covered by CV Volunteers’ Team. This team assists in maintaining the cleanliness and hygiene of the dormitories, and assists dormitory management in ensuring the living quality of on-campus international students as well. In addition, it helps to package and deliver the baggage of the off-campus students for the clearance of the dorms and plays the role of volunteers in many extra-curricular activities.

During the epidemic threshold, CV Volunteers worked to collect body temperature from students to ensure the health of international students, sprayed disinfectants onto all the dormitory areas, delivered their daily supplies, attended to the students who were sick or hospitalized and carried out latest information and directions regarding prevention and control of the epidemic. The team members follow the slogan Keep the campus safe and infection-free” and bring the love and care to everyone on campus. Till now, there are 22 members from 11 countries in this team. The team has a clear division of work and everything is done in an orderly way.

“Enter to Learn—Go Forth to Serve” is the motto for us to come together and work together. Our mind is full of love and dedication. IEC Management, tutors and other staff inspire us to contribute to our surroundings as well. We’re achieving knowledge and we are contributing to others in need”, one of the conveners said.

The motivations of representatives from CV Volunteers’ Team:


Motivation: I want to help my classmates and teachers that is the reason I decided to join the team.

2. Name: Velyianton Aaron Endolo (王涛)

Motivation: I love to assist in making the campus a safer place and to make sure there’s a bridge between the IEC and the student.

3. Name: GIBSON BEBE (吉布森)

Motivation: I volunteer to keep students safe and healthy from getting infected.


MOTIVATION: We need to finish this great work with the united hands.

5. Name: HAQUE MD IMDADUL (浩克)

Motivation: Volunteer’s work is an opportunity to show our care and help.

6. Name: Sarkar MD Sajib (沙博)

Motivation: I often ask myself: "what am I doing for others and what am I giving to the others". "All of us have responsibility for the society"- it inspires me to join CV Volunteers’ Team.

7. Name: EMEKA STEPHEN (艾木卡)

Motivation: I volunteer to play my part in helping humanity.

8. Name: Pethuel Bigyen Musa (毕勇)

Motivation: The opportunity of doing something for others is priceless.

On 3rd April 2020, Xinhua News Agency, Liaoning TV, CRI Online Published the news on CV Volunteers’ Team. The report of Xinhua News Agency was titled “The International Students’ Period of Fighting the Epidemic: living in China with their heart”,  which has attracted extensive attention of the society.  

Video Clip of Liaoning TV: