Introduction to Dragon Boat Festival

Hits:    Time:2020-06-22

Dragon Boat Festival is on the fifth day of the fifth month according to Chinese Lunar calendar. It is a very classic traditional festivals, which has been celebrated since the old times of China. It is in honor of the great poet Qu Yuan, who jumped into the water and sacrificed his life for loving the country. Dragon boat race is the traditional competition in this day. People make up the team and fight for the honor. Every boat looks like the dragon and it is the most obvious feature. A lot of people will come to visit or watch the match. Then the game begins. The audience will cheer for the teams and the competitors try their best to make the boat go fast. It is very lively.

Besides the competition, eating the traditional food Zongzi is favored by everyone. It is made from glutinous rice with various fillings and wrapped in reed leaves. Usually, jujubes are added into rice in northern China; but in southern areas, bean paste, meat, ham, yolks could be wrapped together with rice into Zongzi; there are other fillings as well.

In other places, drinking the special wine and hanging the leaf are also the tradition. The preserve of the traditional festival makes our culture profound.