Students Show Great Interest in the Online Chinese Courses

Hits:    Time:2020-03-19

On 16th March, SAU 2020 spring semester courses have resumed. Chinese department has embraced the new way of teaching online classes. DingTalk and Chaoxing are used as online teaching platforms. It is a challenge for both students and teachers. Although it is a new experience for everyone, the teachers and the students are taking the classes very seriously, in order to make the classes going well, the teachers have tested multiple ways of teaching and prepared quite a lot of materials.

All Chinese classes are going on well and students are very excited about this new way of studying. They actively answer questions and are eager to show what they’ve learned. After class, lots of students said they like this new way of studying Chinese because they can focus on their studies and think independently. During class, if they have any questions, they don’t have to raise their hand and ask, they can just type it in the chatting board, which saves plenty of time in class. After classes, they can watch the replay of the online class videos if they had missed some points.

The battle against the virus will be won very soon and then the students can enjoy the happiness of gathering together.