International student representatives meeting held

Hits:    Time:2020-02-14

On 12th February, IEC management held a meeting with International student representatives in Friendship Villa. Present at the meeting were the Dean, Mr. Richard Chen, Executive Dean, Mrs. Pearl Liu & Tutor of Student Administration office, Mrs. Jessica Bai, more than 20 student representatives from 10 countries attended the meeting.  

At the beginning, the latest information about the coronavirus was given. It is learned that according to the statistics of 11th February, the infected number has been decreasing continuously in all the provinces except Hubei for around 8 days, but the situation is still serious. Everyone needs to be conscious of self-precaution and pay great attention to health and safety.

The student representatives also gave an update on the current situation of students living on campus and some issues were discussed regarding the temporary campus closure. In the Q&A session, the students asked questions about the traveling plan, class opening, commodities supply, bank transaction, internet connections, and graduation timing. All the questions were answered accordingly.  

It is stressed that for the off-campus students, the returning time has not been confirmed yet, once it is done, the information will be sent to the students as soon as possible. It is emphasized that, for the safety of everybody, the off-campus students are seriously advised NOT TO COME BACK UNTIL FURTHER INSTRUCTIONS.

Concerning the spring semester opening time, the arrangement is as follows. The classes have been changed from 2nd to 16th March. By then, if the situation is still not suitable for the gathering, the online lectures will be provided so that the students can continue learning wherever they are. Recorded lectures will also be uploaded online for the convenience of students experiencing unreliable internet connection.

Everyone is confident that the situation will be better and victory is coming soon.