Precaution & food supply organized

Hits:    Time:2020-01-31

As the coronavirus has become the top issue recently, the International Education College is trying the best to prevent it and protect all the students and staff.  


Throughout this week, disinfectants have been continuously used in cleaning all surfaces in public areas to curb the spread of any infection.



With regards to food supply, arrangements have been made for foodstuffs to be supplied to all students on a daily basis at normal market price. IEC encourages all the students to rest assured that the food needs are covered.




Furthermore, the teachers, the deans and the student representatives meet on daily basis to discuss the progress made so far and suggest ways to ensure that the precautions have to be taken to keep everybody safe.





Lastly, some student representatives have also been tasked with the responsibility of aiding their respective floor heads in the apartments. They will be helping with duties such as keeping students informed about updates on precautionary measures, informing the respective staff about the needs and suggestions of the students, etc.


It is advised that no one should panic, but to keep the rooms clean and well ventilated. It is very obvious that the next two weeks will be a challenge for everybody. Please be advised to stay in the room and abide by all the rules enforced by the management. We are sure that the victories will come out of the whole situation soon.