Fire drill organized to enhance safety

Hits:    Time:2019-11-20

On November 20, 2019 a fire drill was organized in Grand Villa by IEC in conjunction with the Security Department of SAU. 2019 freshmen of IEC participated in this activity. Firstly, the security department introduced some fire safety knowledge to the students. Then the students conducted a field fire escape exercise under the guidance of the teachers. At the fire scene, everyone used the right way to successfully escaped from the second floor to the safety exits on the first floor of the Grand Villa.

The whole evacuation took about two minutes. Finally, the teacher of Security Department explained and showed the students how to use the fire extinguishers.
This fire drill provided a perfect opportunity to strengthen the rules and modify our risk assessment to ensure that fire accidents will not happen in the event of a real fire situation. Our students received an adequate fire training, raised awareness of safety and enhanced the abilities of protecting lives and property facing the real-life emergencies.