​SAU delegation visits the students'family

Hits:    Time:2019-11-19

As we are well aware, the Dean of IEC, Mr. Richard Chen in the company of the deputy dean Mr. Robert Pan, recently visited Kenya, Zambia and Tanzania - three key countries in Africa - mainly to strengthen ties with some institutions in these countries which cooperate with SAU in terms of educating future leaders.

The second yet most significant reason why the dean embarked on this trip is that, apart from simply traveling to these countries to visit SAU’s partners, Mr. Chen himself, being a father and a leader also used this opportunity to check on the past students of SAU currently residing and either working or pursuing further studies in these countries. This, according to him, is a very important indicator of the concern that SAU has for both current and past students. After all, education is only for a period of time. Friendship however may last for a life time.



On this trip, there were several heart-warming highlights including a very personal visit to check on the family of Mr. Sumpa Edward, an aeronautical engineering student from Zambia who is currently studying at SAU.

SAU considers the future of all its alumni a very central topic. SAU will continue to support all of its alumni through friendship and encouragement.