Inaugurating the 1st Platform of Voluntary Teaching Center & Celebrating the Teachers Day

Hits:    Time:2019-09-11

September 10, 2019, on the occasion of teachers day, SAU international students went to visit Yue Jiapu Primary School, which located in Dengta City.


International students and primary students inaugurated the 1st Teaching platform titled “Voluntary Teaching Center powered by International Education College of Shenyang Aerospace University. The children were very happy to see the international students. International students were divided into groups and went to the class for a teaching. All of them enjoyed and learned a lot. Some ice-breaking activities were carried out to ease the children's mind. Today all the SAU students experienced how fun it is to teach children. How their joy and laughter makes us feel young again.


The international students & Chinese primary students wished all the teachers over the world a very happy teachers day, wished healthy happy life. Shenyang Aerospace University is the platform to culture young minds to make them fit to lead the near future.