2019 Teaching Seminar for International Students

Hits:    Time:2019-09-06

On August 31, Teaching Seminar for International Students was held in Administration Building. President Sun Xiaoping, Vice President Tong Gang and Vice President Lin Feng attended the meeting and delivered the their respective speeches along with the deans from relevant colleges, discipline directors and the persons in charge from related functional sectors of SAU. The seminar was hosted by Vice President Tong Gang.


At the beginning of the seminar, Dean Richard Chen from IEC briefed on the situation of teaching in recent years in IEC.


After the responsible persons from colleges reviewed the achievements and existing problems in teaching and talent training in their colleges. They put forward the suggestions for strengthening the control of teaching process and teaching quality evaluation, formulating the united process and standard for the graduation project and selecting and managing the academics as well.

Vice President Tong Gang stressed the meaning of this teaching seminar. Then Vice President Lin Feng pointed out that we should raise the admission standard, enhance the qualification examination and adopt the modular teaching method in international students education so as to teach the students in accordance of their aptitude.  


Finally, President Sun Xiaoping emphasized the implementation of the principle “Carry out the international education moderately and soundly”. He noted that international education is an important task that serves the national strategy, so we should not only be fully aware of its significance to construction and development of SAU, but also work with spirit of utter devotion. At the same time, he put forward that reasonable teaching incentive mechanism should be introduced so as to guarantee the teaching input and teaching achievements and then can create the external environment for the teaching subject’s teaching behavior with high quality. At last, he stressed that more attention needed to be paid to the communication and cooperation between the different sectors in order to amend the “short board” that had mentioned above.


This teaching seminar determined the future work objectives for the related sectors and colleges and also laid a solid foundation for ensuring the implementation.