IEC-COMPASSION Had the First Community Visit

Hits:    Time:2019-06-01

In the middle of a classic Friday afternoon cloudburst, on 31st of May, students of SAU went on a brief visit to Shenyang Children’s Welfare Home. Shenyang Children's Welfare Home is an orphanage for children with special needs. Gifts were taken as a token of love for the special kids. The students, in particular, were overwhelmed to be a part of it. They carried the children in their laps, carried their wheelchairs around the place and played with them. The tutors were the touch of experience that was needed in a place like this. They chatted with the kids, guided the students on handling those children. They also helped with the language barrier that was in between the novices and the kids.

Emotions were bound to outburst in these situations but the students, along with their beloved tutors, were cheerful the whole time to make some memories. Promises were made to share some more happiness in the future as well.

These kinds of visits are always helpful in reminding the students that their job is not only to get a degree from this institution but also to become a better version of human beings that they already are.