SAU Enrolls Students in a New Major-Automation

Hits:    Time:2019-06-02

SAU will open Automation in this September intake. The major of Automation is an interdisciplinary major including science, engineering, arts and management that integrates control theory with real system. It emphasizes both strong electricity and weak electricity, both hardware and software. The major of Automation in our university was officially founded in 2000, and until now, it has formed its own professional characteristics and advantages.

The major of Automation focuses on the engineering and technical talents cultivation, establishes the characteristic courses and the corresponding practice sessions of industrial electrical control, vehicle control, etc. In science research, the School of Automation has developed extensive cooperation with Shenyang Aircraft Design Institute, Shenyang Institute of Engine Design, Liming Aeroengine, etc.

The School of Automation has undertaken research projects of Natural Science Foundations of China, Natural Science Fund Project of Liaoning Province, Aviation Science Foundation, National defense/military and other important scientific research projects. Some of them won the science and technology progress prize at the provincial level.

Welcome to apply for Automation.