Culture Lecture of Pre-Qin Dynasty Held

Hits:    Time:2019-05-30

On May 29, 2019, SAU invited Ms. He Xinye to give a lecture about ancient mythology and thoughts of Pre-Qin Period to the freshman. This was one of the lectures to introduce Chinese traditional culture and modern developments. This activity was held to enhance students’ understanding about Chinese culture.

According to some pictures of cultural relics and a video of year monster, Ms. He started her lecture. She introduced the politics, economy, culture and law of the Qin Dynasty in a humorous way. The students were attracted by the long history of Chinese culture. They understood that the great wall was built in Qin Dynasty, that Pan Gu created the world, that Qu Yuan is both the founder and the representative poet of Chu Ci, that The Book of Songs is the earliest existing anthology of verse in China. After the lecture, some students said they wanted to watch the movie called Hero, and the TV series called The Qin Empire to know more about the history of the Qin Dynasty.

This lecture made the international students appreciate the elegant demeanor of Chinese culture and perceive ancient mythology and Thoughts of Pre-Qin Period.