Freshmen went for an excursion

Hits:    Time:2019-05-25

In a sunny late-spring afternoon in the city of Shenyang, on 22nd of May, a brief visit to Beiling Park was organized by Student Administration Office. Some students of 2019 spring enrollment participated in the excursion.

Beiling Park is a park in the northern part of Shenyang city, which reflects the history of the Emperor of Qing Dynasty. One of the main attractions of the park is Zhaoling, the tomb of the second Qing emperor.

On their way, they were amazed to see the old pine trees and squirrels trying to climb the trees. The detours included historic buildings and surrounding lakes. There were several shops of artificial items and it was no surprise that the freshmen were fancied by the Chinese elements. They also met a group of aged locals dancing to Chinese songs. Later the students were invited and welcomed to dance with them.

Then came the moment when the students finally saw the tomb and came to know a little about Shenyang’s history and therefore China's glorious history through the knowledge shared by their tutors. The last part of the afternoon included a walk through the mildly dense part of the forest on the other side of the park. The students, as well as their tutors, were taken apart by the amazing time they had together.

A visit like this will always help the novices to expand their views, broaden their horizons of knowledge, know and learn to respect other cultures and get a break from the monotony of everyday life.