SAU enhances exchange with Liaoning Institute of Science and Technology

Hits:    Time:2019-05-25

SAU received delegation from Liaoning Institute of Science and Technology (LNIST) led by Li Xiaohong, Vice Director of Teaching Affairs Department on May 23, 2019.

In the morning, the delegation was provided with the teaching observation of severalkey specialties. They experienced teaching process, especially the interaction between the academics and international students in the classroom.

Afterward, a teaching seminar was held at Friendship Villa in the afternoon. The seminar was presided over by Pearl Liu, Party Secretary of IEC. William Guan, Deputy Dean of IEC together with representatives of academics and students attended the meeting.

At the seminar, Pearl briefed on the history and current situation of IEC, and emphasized the importance of syllabus and teaching management. Qu Pingping and Liu Gang, the representatives of academics from colleges talked about the teaching skills and communication ways with international students. And the Chinese language academics introduced the teaching methods, teaching management modes and culture interchange activities in IEC. Additionally, international student representatives spoke of the means to overcome the language barrier and how to develop a good relationship with students from the perspective of international students.

SAU staff had profound discussions with LNIST delegates on teaching material use, graded teaching and teaching methods for specific subjects that have lasted for nearly two hours in a friendly atmosphere. Finally, William summarized and pointed out that the particularity of teaching for international students is decided by the differences in learning habits between the international and Chinese students. We can find effective teaching methods by analyzing the source of international students and current teaching practice.