Let’s tell China’s stories and spread China’s voice

Hits:    Time:2019-05-24

If you want to master a language, you must understand the culture of the language at first. Chinese language academics have been committed to the integration of language teaching and contemporary Chinese culture. So in the last 3 months, every academic in Chinese Teaching Office participated in the preparation and revising of the Chinese culture presentation and lectures. These presentations are open to students from 28 classes including both major and language students every month in each Chinese class.

The 10 topics of the Chinese culture lectures are: aviation characteristics and aviation culture, introduction of Tang Dynasty, Belt and Road, Chinese science and technology, Chinese cuisine, the new four inventions of China, Chinese political parties, introduction of Liaoning Province, famous people who influenced you and modern Chinese science and culture.

The cultural lectures will be added into Chinese classes from next week in the “stories of China” part to introduce Chinese culture that students are mostly interested in.