SAU delegation wraps up visit to Indonesia

Hits:    Time:2019-05-13

At the beginning of May, SAU delegation paid a visit to Indonesia, marking a milestone in collaboration with Indonesian universities and colleges and would usher in a new chapter for SAU global network.
The delegation members included Mr. Wang Liyan, Dean of Sciences College, and Mr. Robert Pan, Deputy Dean of International Education College.
SAU delegation visited University of Mercu Buana (UMB) and met Dr. Ngadino Surip, Rector of UMB. Other faculty members present were Dr. Adi Nurmahdi, Director of Innovation, Alumni International Cooperation Department, Dr. Harmovinsah, Director of Business College and Dr. Mujiono, Director of Computer College.


(SAU delegation visiting UMB)

Two sides held a conference to discuss faculty exchange, “2+2” joint program as well as research collaboration. They showed collaboration intention in computer, mechanical, electronic and management degree programs.
The delegation also visited Indonesia International Institute for Life Sciences (i3L) and two parties pledged to be good partners featuring collaboration in “2+2” program on computer and management majors as well as dispatching students to SAU for joint programs. The consensus was reached during talks between SAU and i3L.

(SAU delegation visiting i3L)

The two universities praised highly of the Belt and Road Initiative and believed the initiative will promote connectivity and links between two universities and two countries.