Anti-smoking, Anti-drinking and Anti-drugs Promotional Education Activities

Hits:    Time:2019-04-26

In order to educate students to establish correct values and outlook on life and create a civilized and harmonious campus culture atmosphere, Apartment Administration Office of International Education College launched a publicity activity for the international students of our college on April 26th with the theme on “no smoking, no drinking, no drugs, and build a healthy life”.



Through the poster, hand-outs and live speech, the activity introduced the harm of tobacco, alcohol and drugs to the students, and made the students realize the importance of prohibiting smoking, drinking and drugs, and guided the students to take the initiative to implement the “three NOs” activities. Robert Pan, Deputy Dean of IEC, and all the teachers of Apartment Administration Office attended the activity.

This activity allowed our international students to further recognize the dangers of tobacco, alcohol and drugs, and left deep impressions on the students. The activity enhanced the self-protection awareness of international students and created a good learning and living environment for students.