SAU, SIU agree to further enhance educational collaboration

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SAU and SIU (Southern Illinois University Carbondale) agreed to make joint efforts to implement “Aircraft Propulsion Engineering” joint program and other exchange programs on March 26, 2019.
President Sun Xiaoping attended the meeting with SIU delegation consisting of Mr. Andrew D. Carver, Executive Director of International Affairs, Mr. Michael Burgener, Chair of Aviation Technologies Department, Marc Chang, Education Consultant for International Affairs and Yi Lee, Consultant of International Partnerships and Recruitment Center.
President Sun extended his welcome to SIU delegates and pinned high hopes the joint program starting from 2019 September. The joint program will start to recruit students in 2019 and enrollment size is 120 persons yearly.

(President Sun met SIU delegates)

Vice President Wang Qi discussed program operation with SIU delegates and added that this joint program will be a milestone for bilateral relationship and benefit students.
Andrew expressed his thankfulness to SAU for long-term collaboration and hard work. “The program will bring new driving force to promote connection between two parties”, said Andrew.

(Group photo of SAU and SIU)

An orientation was given to SAU students who were interested in semester and degree programs which attracting both Chinese and international students to attend. Students raised questions about academic credits, hostel, and life in US.

(Meeting for project discussion)