Admission for March intake Starts

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Shenyang Aerospace University welcomes applications from students around the world. According to the latest update Shenyang Aerospace University is having around 1600 students from more than 71 countries. Shenyang Aerospace University is promised to provide world standard education in order to be responsive to the global needs.


Senior high school graduation or with an equivalent qualification of 12-year education background and under 24 years old applicants can apply for Undergraduate Programs.


With Secondary Education Background, applicants can apply for 1-year long University Foundation program as well. After getting the Foundation program certificate the students can apply for Undergraduate programs. The Chinese Language program is also available if anyone wants to learn Chinese Language and Culture.


How to Apply:

For Application Procedures and Requirements, please follow the website:


Class for March semester starts from March 25, 2019. Students should arrive at SAU before the date mentioned above.



This semester SAU international admission plans to open 4 programs: Bachelor degree programs (4 years), Master program (Business Management major only), Chinese Language (1 year) and University Foundation Program (1 year). Anyone who wants to apply should pay attention to the application procedures.


Language Requirement:

If the background study wasn't in English Medium candidates are preferred to have English Language Proficiency Certificate (If available any), though we have mandatory Comprehensive English lessons. Candidates with English proficiency certificate will be in priority since Shenyang Aerospace University teaching method is total English (for English Medium).



Shenyang Aerospace University accepts Chinese Government Scholarship Applications every year. Shenyang Aerospace University admires students hard work and reward them scholarships in different criteria.

a) Outstanding International Students’ Scholarship;

b) Outstanding Leadership Scholarships;

c) Outstanding Dormitory Award;


To know more about Scholarship Please visit the following page:



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