Professor Sun, President of SAU, Sent Greetings to All International Students for Chinese New Year

Hits:    Time:2019-02-04

On the morning of February 4, Professor Sun Xiaoping, President of SAU, Professor Yao Shaoliang,Vice Chairman of Univeristy Board, Vice President Wang Qi and Vice Prsident Fan Zhenwei on behalf of the university paid a visit to international students to wish them happy Chinese New year and to share the blessings of the Spring Festival. Party and government officials, security officials, logistics service centers and other related departments were among those that accompany Sun for this condolences visit.


On behalf of international students, Hamza and Edward made a speech and thanked all the leaders for taking time to celebrate the New Year together with their classmates. They are proud and proud of being students of Shenyang Aerospace University. To be an international student in China, they feel really lucky and happy to be here and hope that the university will provide more opportunities for students to practice internships and learn from them. They also hope to learn Chinese as well and be ambassadors and bridges for the friendship between China and foreign countries.
President Sun sent the Chinese New Year greetings to the students and hoped that they would study hard in the new year and learn the traditional Chinese culture and be the messengers connecting the friendship between China and foreign countries. At the same time, he reminded the students that they should pay attention to safety and have a peaceful and prosperous Chinese year during their winter vacation. Finally, he also intimately asked students whether they had difficulties in their studies and life at this stage, and said that the university will do its utmost to help the students.
All the leaders specially prepared and presented the annual Chinese zodiac mascot, Spring Festival couplets and dumplings with the traditional Chinese culture to international students and took a group photo with the students.