Welcome to apply for Computer Science School

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The history of School of Computer Science (SCS) can be traced back to the Bachelor degree of Computer and Its Application provided by the Shenyang Institute of Aeronautical Engineering (former name of SAU) in 1978. The School of Computer Science was officially founded in 2003, after the foundation of Department of Computer Science and Engineering in 1995.

The School of Computer Science consists of four departments (Computer Science and Technology, Software Engineering, Network Engineering, and Internet of Things Engineering), one experiment center, and one division of International Student Teaching Affairs, with totally 74 staffs including 7 professors and 25 associate professors. More than 20 academics have overseas studying or working experiences. In 2008, there are 1122 local and 58 international undergraduate students majoring in the subjects of Computer Science and Technology, Network Engineering, Software Engineer, and Internet of Things Engineering in the school respectively. Moreover, 210 postgraduate candidates and 18 international students major in Master of Computer Application, and Master of Software Engineering as well. The medium of instruction for all overseas candidates is English.

From the inception of Bachelor degree in Computer and Its Application programme was introduced in 1978, the SCS has always been the key developed department in SAU. There are 7 key laboratories and research centers in SCS and its affiliated disciplines. They are one national key laboratory - National and Local Joint Engineering Laboratory for Multilingual Collaborative Translation Technology, one provincial engineering center - Liaoning Knowledge Engineering and Human-Computer Interaction Engineering Technology Research Center, three provincial key laboratories - Liaoning Provincial Key Laboratory of Artificial Intelligence and Natural Language Processing, Collaborative Translation Provincial Key Engineering Laboratory, Liaoning Provincial Key Laboratory of Large-scale Distributed Systems, and two more municipal key laboratories.

In 2018, the subject of Computer Science and Technology has passed the inspection of China Engineering Education Accreditation Association, and will receive the official qualification in May 2019. Such certification is recognized by twenty signatories of the Washington Accord which is an international agreement outlines the mutual recognition, between the participating bodies, of accredited engineering degree programs. The rest 3 subjects in SCS will be informed in turn to be inspected shortly in the future. In July 2016, SAU officially signed an agreement with the Edinburgh Napier University (UK), to jointly develop Master of Computer Science with dual degree.

The School of Computer Science has strong overall scientific research strength. A research team with reasonable structure has been formed in the research directions of natural language processing, network and information security, database technology, distributed systems, embedded systems, and digital (medical) image processing. Academics in the school have not only strong academic knowledge but also strong engineering practice ability. They are closely connected with aerospace enterprises and local research institutes. In recent 5 years, the SCS has undertaken 334 research projects of National Natural Fund, National Science and Technology Support Program, Military Industry Cooperation, etc., and the total research funding is 158.16 million CNY (23.2 million USD). Meanwhile, 214 SCI and EI index papers have been published on national and international academic journals and conferences. 53 invention patents and 21 software copyrights have been authorized.

The application-oriented with research and development talent training model is always emphasized by the School of Computer Science. Graduates are mainly engaged in the front-line position of production, research and management in IT enterprises, government agencies and aviation enterprises and institutions, with a high sense of social responsibility, a serious work attitude and a good team work spirit, which are widely praised by employers.

In each intake, Computer Science and Technology (Bachelor degree) will enroll international students all over the world. The major is taught in English. And in each September intake, Computer Applications Technology (Master degree) will also be open and admit students. Welcome all global talents to SAU!