Internship in Wantong Machining and Manufacturing Company

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Internship is one of the most important aspects of student’s educational life and Shenyang Aerospace University has kept that as our mission and provided quality internship for students in various academic majors. SAU has partnered with different companies in China to provide excellent internship placements for students where they can not only earn experience and add value to their CV but also have an opportunity to practice what they theoretically learn in class and have an interaction with people in places they aspire to be.

This winter vacation, some students had an opportunity to do their internship in two companies located in Dandong, Liaoning Province. One is Fengcheng Wantong machining and manufacturing company limited, a company situated in Fengcheng the Northern part of china in Liaoning.

They are specialized in machining and sheet metal forming, and do everything from Research, Product Design Development, Research and development of the final design, CAD, CAM, Prototype Testing, Manufacturing, Assembly and Quality Inspection.
Their wide range of engineering specialties gave our students a deeper insight of what a company is based on and how it operates. Students enjoyed a warm hospitality by the company from the time they picked them up from the train station and all the way through their stay in Fengcheng.  And in spite of all these, students only had to pay for their food and transport from Shenyang to Fengcheng.

“When I arrived, I was placed in a technology department, where I was designing, it was amazing to learn from people who have been in the industry for a long time, I was also given an opportunity to see every department and understand how they work together to achieve one goal. And by the way the food was amazing and I was sleeping in a nice hotel”.  
Hassan, 4th year
Aeronautical Engineering student.
SAU continues striving for academic excellence for our students and providing more quality and valuable internship opportunities for all. Students in 3rd and 4th year can also check for internship opportunities by following the IEC wechat account or at the International Education College any time.
We wish you all a happy holiday.