2019 New Year's Eve Party

Hits:    Time:2019-01-11

IEC staff and student union held a grand New Year’s Eve party on January 5, 2019.
Before the party got started, a lot of preparation was done. We made the stage, balloons and bought food raw materials together. Delicious food, elaborate venues and delicate costumes were already in place because everyone was devoted to preparation.

Staff and students got together to make dumplings in a very happy atmosphere and exchanged different culture and traditions.


Students and teachers of IEC, as well as relatives of the staff in IEC were present at the party.
The party started with the dean’s blessing to the students all. Four handsome and beautiful boys and girls presided over the show and amazed all the audience.


The program was wonderful and brought the atmosphere to a climax. Dancing, singing, everything, the stage was filled with laughter, and the hall was brilliant with cheers. IEC staff performed the wonderful chorus to express their wishes to students and the New Year.


Awards and certificates were also granted to students who had excellent performance in SAU chorus competition.



In the program, there was no lack of live lottery link. Our New Year’s eve is always so surprising again and again. This year’s “web celebrity” Li Hao attracted lots of fans and was full of popularity as soon as he opened the mouth.


The whole evening performance was of a variety of forms, clever program design, moving singing and beautiful dancing which were carefully choreographed.

In the end, all of us expressed our best wishes for the New Year and looked forward to more and better programs in the coming year. The dean wishes the international students of our university to forge ahead hand in hand in the New Year, expand international cooperation channels, promote international exchange of students, strengthen international academic cooperation, and promote our university to be a first-class international university.