SAU Holds on-campus Chinese Language Proficiency Test (SAU HSK)

Hits:    Time:2018-12-30

On December 28, 2018, a Chinese language proficiency test was held in order to examine the language level of international students and practise national HSK mode. According to the international student situation, there are three levels of SAU HSK in this exam: HSK level 3, HSK level 4 and HSK level 5. It covers listening part, reading part and writing part. In order to ensure that the test has practical outcomes, students and the exam committee began to prepare at the beginning of this month. According to the International student Chinese level, the Chinese teacher give some suggestions to the student.

We hope the exam can promote the further development of Chinese teaching, provide reference basis for international students to take the HSK exam, make international students know the goal of learning Chinese in the next period, as well as stimulate the enthusiasm of international students to learn Chinese.