Chairman Ji Zhengkun of China Standardization Association gives a report

Hits:    Time:2018-12-24

On December 19, Mr. Ji Zhengkun, Chairman of China Standardization Association was invited by to deliver a report named “National Standardization Strategy and the Fourth Industrial Revolution” to staff and students in SAU. The report was presided over by Vice President Tong Gang. Over 200 staff and students attended the report.


In the report, Mr. Ji elaborated the important contribution of standardization to China’s economic, social and scientific development, as well as the direction, measures and prospects of China’s standardization reform. His report was informative and rich in content, containing a large amount of cutting-edge information of natural science and quality science with a large number of vivid cases. He introduced the implementation of national standardization strategy from three aspects: agriculture, industry and modern service industry. Finally, through the comparative introduction of the evolution of the industrial revolution, Mr. Ji emphasized that the industrial revolution is of vital importance to the cultivation of talents for both countries and enterprises. Standardization strategy should be in line with the fourth industrial revolution so that China’s standardization development should keep pace with the global pace and further put forward the concept of “building a strong quality country with talent oriented”. At present, the China Standardization Association is organizing a number of academicians and experts to draft “2035 China standardization strategy”. The strategic plan must meet the requirements of the fourth industrial revolution and make international and domestic standards compatible.